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Lines & Patterns

Sunrise Blend

Wisdom Blend

Customs Designs

Nature Blend

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Golden Blend

Sunset Blend

Stainworld Plan of Action

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Consist of Gathering designs you wish to see digital plugged in into your existing windows for a visual experience of what would be your Dedicated Worship Center.

Autumn Blend

Mosaic Designs

Life of Christ

Embossed Artwork

 Bronze Blend

Ocean Blend


Arch Windows

One of our Agent will generate Digital Renderings to present to your board


Final Approval 

Pricing will be sent out with each Rendering for Budget Review

Affordable Stained Glass Effect Windows                                                          

Aqua Blend

The color range is unlimited – more than 50 standard colors/patterns: from  Obscure Clear to Various Color Pattern with custom creations that are truly limitless. 

Our specialty, is to elevate  your dedicated worship area with our extensive windows designs
Stainplas is an innovated solution to Fragile Stained Glass, in which it offers a numberless range of using possibilities. Our custom stained glass windows presents excellent values: both optical and mechanical, its sensational light diffusing and embellishing effects is superior to any religious stained glass windows or similar product. Our Artist will replicate all remarkable details of your chosen design to bring inspiration and spiritual connection with colors and glorious symbols.

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