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Inside View

Our Stunning Resins Panels
provides multiple solutions, 
included but not limited to:

  • Stained Art Windows 
  • Lighting Fixtures Skylights            
  • Canopy Roof Paneling​
  • Glazing Room Dividers
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Shower Enclosures 
  • Decorative Wall Panels
  • ​Fencing and Railing
  • Mosaic Effects                 
  • Structural Wall Panels​
  • Doors and Inserts
  • Furniture Applications
  • Formed Sections
  • ​Decorative Artwork

Outside View

Our Translucent Resin Panels

Stainworld's authentic translucent resin panels have the appearance of stained glass windows, emphasizing the fact that our Church Stained Glass windows have the benefit of allowing a two way view with any custom religious windows’ designs. Stainplas is an affordable alternative to stained glass window with the benefit of providing solutions for Windows, Baptistry Window, Dining/Entrance Doors and Light Boxes when no windows are available.

Stainworld guarantees a stunning artwork to beautify your church with an affordable budget campaign, elevating the experience of your worship center is our primary mission.

Manufacturer of Decorative Translucent Fiberglass Resin Panels​

StainWorld Plastics Corp