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What is Stainplas Resin Fiberglass Panels?

Our windows are made of Resin and Fined Exported Fiberglass, these components combined are liquefied creating a fusion with incredible strength properties for structural purpose (Impact Resistance Windows). 

How is it compared to Typical Stained Glass Windows?

There are remarkable similarities between them including but not limited to : Designs, Artwork, Details, Colors, Opacity & Originality.

The main differences between them is found on: Their CostPhysical Properties:

Cost: With a Fraction of the cost of Stained Glass you could obtain an original, beautiful and custom made window with the same artwork detail as any typical stained glass. 

Stainplas is an Impact Resistant Window Component whereas typical stained glass requires extra protection component to avoid being damaged by projected objects' impact.

How could I install these windows into my existing framework?

There are several types of framework projects and a couple  of them could be achieved by your self or a knowledgeable member.

Scenario #1 - Wood Frames are in good conditions and all you are doing is removing the existing glass to replace it with ours- proper glazing is needed but it could be done by you.

Scenario #2 - Aluminum Frame with Glass Exist and it's in good conditions; Our panels could attached to your existing framing by just adding a profile (wood or Aluminum) to hold our panels on the inside or which ever side has room to be attached.

Scenario #3 - Replacing the whole window unit requiring new framing- We would recommend to see a professional window installer to assist you.

Does the painting colors fade off over time?

Our Window panels are manufactured with fine materials protected by UV Stabilizer ensuring maximum protection of your interior and artwork colors.

Could I design my own windows?

 We encourage you to do so, our dedicated team members will walk you through our limitations if any, once you provide us with a rendering.

What is the order procedure?

Our Windows are hand made and customized to customer basis, before the actual order date, several steps are made in order to assure fully understanding of your needs:

First, Physical Samples are sent, to review physical properties and product analysis such as colors, etc..

In the meantime, renderings are provided to select proper designs.

Then, Pricing is provided based on your budget campaign, and finally the order is submitted to be delivered within a typical time frame of 2-4 weeks.

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